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With our range of online cookery classes, menu plans and recipes you will have the confidence to cook mouth-watering meals. A shortcut to kitchen confidence, taught by skilled vegan chefs Quick and easy plant-based dishes using easily accessible ingredients We will guide you through every step, no experience necessary

Learn quickly • Cook easily • Enjoy together

Giving you the Skills to Cook Delicious, Nutritious, and Exciting Vegan food. Every day.

Hello! We are Jenny and Gurdip and we are Rootyfuel!

We are going to help you to make delicious vegan foods right from your kitchen.

Our mantra is that taste is never compromised, so whether you want to become completely vegan or just want to introduce more vegan meals into your life, we will always have simple, delicious recipes to excite your taste buds and fuel your love for cooking.

We are here to build a community of vegan and vegan-curious people who want to learn more about vegan and plant-based cookery and how exciting it can be.

It's not all kale and mung beans!

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to give you the confidence to cook, make and bake delicious and nutritious plant-based meals from home, along with helpful hints and shopping lists to make things even easier. Being vegan needn't be as difficult as people think, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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Ultimate Plant Based Cookery Course

The Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery Course

Our Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery Course gives you all the tools you need to give you the confidence to make and cook a whole month’s worth of delicious plant-based meals, snacks and treats from your home.

Platinum Enhanced Ultimate Plant Based Cookery Course

Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery – Platinum Enhanced

Our Platinum Enhanced Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery Course gives you the tools you need to make and cook a month’s worth of delicious plant-based meals, snacks and treats – with added bonus extras!

Sweet Vegan - A selection of Delectable Sweet Treats

Sweet Vegan – Delectable Sweet Treats

Surprise your family and friends with the most delicious, wonderful, mouth-watering treats that they simply will not believe are vegan!


On the Blog

Travelling to India as a Vegan

We all love to travel & whist being vegan at home can be a challenge, when travelig it can be that little bit more, but with some planning you can make it an amazing experience! Recently I was lucky enough to go to India with my mum , where a lot of her family still…
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Tips on how to eat well on a budget

More and more people are trying to budget and still eat well during these testing times. As a plant-based cookery school we’ve good news! You really can eat well on a budget! Heres our top tips: Eat seasonal food – they will be cheaper and inabundance! Use frozen fruit & vegetables – reduces waste as…
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What are Microgreens?

Recently there’s been lots of conversations about ‘superfoods’. What are they and should we be eating them? Today we turn our attention to Microgreens. We recently had an amazing coversation with Peter from, Peter is a development agriculturalist, he began to develop a vertical farm to grow Microgreens.  These little plants pack a punch of …
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To Juice or not to Juice?

Health & well-being can come in many guises. Some people swear by juicing, some vehemently disagree with it, whether you are a fan or not, we thought we’d give it a go! We both decided to go big! We flew to beautful Portugal to none other than Juicy Oasis! This is the vision of Jason…
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April Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Finally we are seeing glimps of warmer days! Beautiful daffodils and Tulips springing up everywhere! If you’ve an allotment or grow vegetables in your garden you’ll notice your rhubarb is looking mighty fine! If you grow lots and don’t know what to do with it, fear not we have the solution! Rhubarb compote  – amazing…
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Rice pudding with rhubarb compote

Roasted Rhubarb and Baked Rice Pudding

Oh rhubarb, welcome back 😍 the gift that keeps on giving. How about we team you up with some rice pudding? Baked Rhubarb Compote This recipe is great as it maintains the natural sharpness of the rhubarb and isn’t too sweet so you can partner it with your choice of accompaniment. Baking the compote rather…
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Lovely Words

Jenny & Gurdip gave us a great introduction to vegan cooking! A few new ingredients and methods to learn about but great to think outside the box of ‘meat and 2 veg’. Wonderful tastes and textures and kinder on the planet!

Diana Philips

As a wellness coach and PT, I understand the power of eating foods that really support the body and mind and keep you feeling energised throughout your day. As a busy mum, I know how hard it can be to make time to cook healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy. The recipes by RootyFuel are quick, easy and so delicious you’ll be filling up on your daily intake of fruit and veg without even realising it! And your body will definitely thank you for it!


Wellness Coach

Jenny and Gurdip, in a very short time, have revolutionised the way I cook and added so many amazing dishes to my repertoire. I'm not new to veganism but I've never been the best cook. Thanks to Rootyfuel, that is all changing and I cannot thank them enough!


Creative Director

We have really enjoyed experimenting with the recipes from Rootyfuel’s 7 days of plant power. Saag aloo with peas is our favourite so far, it was full of flavour and nice and quick to make too.  Other favourites are the mushroom, spinach and avo brunch, the butternut squash chilli and the creamy butternut squash soup. I really enjoyed the ‘tuna’ sandwiches at the launch evening too.  Being allergic to real tuna, it’s great to find an alternative! I’ll be trying to recreate the butternut squash dahl from the launch evening next too – yours was absolutely delicious!

Lyn Bromley

I had been plant based about a year when I discovered Rootyfuel and personally for me it has been a godsend. It was at a time when I had plateaued and ran out of ideas for different foods the recipes by Rootyfuel were fantastic and very easy to follow and all the recipes I have tried have been so tasty, all my family enjoy them.

Paula Tye