Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to Rootyfuel!

We are an online Vegan Cookery School, here to teach you all the basics you need to know to become confident in the kitchen cooking plant-based meals to wow your friends & family!

Yes! For anyone who wants to reduce their meat consumption and needs inspiration for more plant-based food, the course will be perfect for you.

It’s really easy! All our ingredients are easy to source from regular supermarkets so you can incorporate it into your weekly shop!

Our meals are easy to make, most can be made in ½ hour. Perfect if you need a healthy tasty nutritious mid-week meal. Before you know it you’ll regularly be cooking vegan meals as part of your weekly meal planning.

The beauty of the course is you can do it at your own pace, you can make the same meal again and again if you want to before making the next one, and you have access to the course for a year.

The course has over 2 hours of really helpful video content to guide you step by step on some of the meals to make it super easy.

All the videos are easy to follow!

Here’s Jenny & Gurdip making Saag Aloo & Chapatis.

We also have a designated Facebook page for you to go to for any questions or see our communities inspirational creations!

Both Jenny And Gurdip are also in the Facebook group to help you support you on your journey.

When you have a fussy eater at the table it will often add to the stress of making sure everyone enjoys their meal.

Fear not! We’ve had people make meals and love them that have ingredients in them they would normally hate! It’s definitely worth a go! They really are easier than you think and everyone will love them! Even the fussy eaters!

Yes! Why not download our current FREE e-book recipe here

So many people who did this course were not confident cooks, but the course really gives you the opportunity to get creative and learn how to create some amazing flavours.

The meals are tasty and filling, but we’ve had feedback from meat eaters often saying "I can’t believe that meal was vegan" and "That was so filling, I didn’t even notice there was no meat."

Definitely not! So much to cook and new techniques to learn!