The Rootyfuel Story

Hello! We are Jenny and Gurdip and we are Rootyfuel!

We are going to help you to make delicious vegan foods right from your kitchen.

Our mantra is that taste is never compromised, so whether you want to become completely vegan or just want to introduce more vegan meals in to your life, we will always have simple, delicious recipes to excite your taste buds and fuel your love for cooking.

How it Started

After running successful businesses in the food and beauty industries, we met over our love for food and helping the community.

Gurdip was introduced to veganism by her son who became vegan at 17, over 10 years ago. Embarking on this new adventure felt overwhelming yet restricting as to what to make at mealtimes that would please the whole family.

Jenny & Gurdip-min

Jenny trained at some of the country’s top eating establishments and has cooked for royalty and A-list celebrities alike. Gurdip turned to her friend Jenny for some advice and support.

With Jenny’s expertise, guidance and amazingly tasty recipes, Gurdip was able to navigate around this new realm, find delicious recipes for the whole family and, more importantly, find a love for cooking she’d never had before. Jenny enjoyed it so much that she changed to a vegan way of life over 5 years ago.

First and foremost we are women in our 40s who want to look after ourselves and our families. We also want to dispel the myth that vegan food is boring and complicated – in fact, far from it.

Rootyfuel was Born!

With our new-found passion for bringing exceptional plant-based cooking to others, Rootyfuel was created.

Our amazing range of courses bring you easy-to-follow recipes, video tutorials, shopping lists and meal plans that will make bringing plant-based meals into your life easier than you thought and you are bound to fuel your passion too.

Get on board and start your taste journey today and find your kitchen confidence!

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to give you the confidence to cook, make and bake delicious and nutritious plant-based meals from home, along with helpful hints and shopping lists to make things even easier. Being vegan needn't be as difficult as people think, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Vegan Sag Aloo
Ultimate Plant Based Cookery Course

The Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery Course

Our Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery Course gives you all the tools you need to give you the confidence to make and cook a whole month’s worth of delicious plant-based meals, snacks and treats from your home.

Platinum Enhanced Ultimate Plant Based Cookery Course

Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery – Platinum Enhanced

Our Platinum Enhanced Ultimate Plant-Based Cookery Course gives you the tools you need to make and cook a month’s worth of delicious plant-based meals, snacks and treats – with added bonus extras!

Sweet Vegan - A selection of Delectable Sweet Treats

Sweet Vegan – Delectable Sweet Treats

Surprise your family and friends with the most delicious, wonderful, mouth-watering treats that they simply will not believe are vegan!

Rootyfuel - Online Vegan Cookery School

Whether driven by concerns for the planet or health improvements, one thing is certain – veganism is a trend that keeps on trending. Veganuary is here to help everyone who wants to try vegan, but our job is made much, much easier when delicious new products like Rootyfuel hit the market.

Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications, Veganuary